Slobodna domena Zadruga za otvoreni kod i dizajn


Merging the split logo
We gave a visual boost to the conference on integrated urban development and placemaking taking place in the City of Split. Urban spaces - squares, streets, parks - are places that belong to all citizens. To defend them against ever growing commercialization requires strengthening of participatory and integrated approach in shaping public spaces and urban development.
visual identity Merging the Split - Converting Space into Places
client: Association of Cities in Croatia
Mirovni studiji 21 sd web
Amplify restlessness! Visual identity for Peace Studies 21 - program for restless citizens
visual identity, graphic design, illustration Peace Studies 21
client: Centre for Peace Studies
Creating the website for the Cooperative for Ethical Financing was a very complex task that required a high quality and consistent presentation of the organization's activites. At the same time we also strived to consolidate all of the Co-op's communication with its members in one place.
web design, codeing, support
client: Cooperative for Ethical Financing
Creating the visual identity and pamphlet design for an international conference focusing on worker's solidarity. The design was based on the red five-pointed star as the traditional worker's rights movement symbol, giving it a new context.
visual identity, graphic design For labour rights
client: Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung
Graphic design and production for an event fondly looked upon by older generations who still remember the original Bonfires, as well as the younger ones who rejuvenated the Bonfires, giving the manifestation a new life and meaning.
graphic design, illustration Trnjanski kresovi 2017.
client: Mreža Antifašistkinja Zagreb
The site was designed by Parabureau whilst we took on the technical part and still do regular maintenance of the independent news site.
tech support, IT infrastructure, consulting Portal Novosti
client: Serb National Council